Midget Football roundup, week one is in the books

The Allegheny County Midget Football League kicked of its 2009 season Aug. 15. Out of the four defending champions of the ’08 season, only the Clairton Midgets were able to pull out a victory.
Garfield, as an organization, looks like they’re primed for revenge as they were the runner-ups in two divisions (Termites and Mighty-Mites) in the last campaign. They were in a three-way tie for a league best three wins.

Clairton maintained their standing as one of the top clubs as they tied for the top win total in the league over the weekend. Last but not least, the Hill Disciples keep on trucking as they also sit on top of the rankings with three solid victories after week one. Homewood, with its two league titles last season, will look to rebound next week as they tied for last place with only one win. Let’s see how your community fared:

1. Hill District 3-1
2. Garfield 3-1
3. Clairton 3-1
4. North Shore 2-1-1
5. Wilkinsburg 1-2-1
5. Lincoln 1-2-1
5. North Side 1-2-1
6. Braddock 1-3
6. Homewood 1-3
6. W. Pittsburgh 1-3

Hill District vs. Homewood
Twerps:  Hill District 0, Homewood 6
Termites:  Hill District 6, Homewood 0
Mighty Mites:  Hill District 7, Homewood 0
Midgets:  Hill District 6, Homewood 0

Lincoln vs. Wilkinsburg
Twerps:  Lincoln 0, Wilkinsburg 6
Termites:  Lincoln 6, Wilkinsburg 6
Mighty Mites:  Lincoln 6, Wilkinsburg 12
Midgets:  Lincoln 27, Wilkinsburg 0

Garfield vs. West Pittsburgh
Twerps:  Garfield 36-, W. Pittsburgh 6
Termites: Garfield 33,  W. Pittsburgh 0
Mighty Mites:  Garfield 14, W. Pittsburgh 24
Midgets:  Garfield  21, W. Pittsburgh 0

North Side vs. North Shore
Twerps:  N. Side 6, N. Shore 6
Termites:  N. Side 6, N. Shore 21
Mighty Mites: Score not called in but
North Shore won.
Midgets:  N. Side  9, N. Shore 6

Clairton vs. Braddock
Twerps:  Clairton 14, Braddock 18
Termites:  Clairton 32, Braddock 6
Mighty Mites: Clairton  24, Braddock 6
Midgets:  Clairton 41, Braddock 6

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