12th Ward Back-To-School Reunion

In response to the many crises facing the families of Lincoln, Larimer, Belmar Gardens and Homewood, the 12th Ward Democratic Committee hosted a free Back-to-School Community Reunion that focused on “Family Health & Education” Aug. 15 at Paulson Field. Without intervention, these families remain very high risk for poor health and academic failure, and the cycle is likely to continue. Reverend Jacque Fielder, community leader and 12th Ward Chair headed the effort.

CLOTHING GIVEAWAY—Young people go through clothes donated by Hannah Montana clothing store.

At the event free health care information was given as well as clothing and supplies for children going back to school.

This event will positively impact 400 families by improving the awareness of and ability to access valuable health and educational information in a genial atmosphere, said Rev. Fielder in a release. The goals of this event are to increase awareness of health and educational resources to the degree which families have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic information and services needed to make appropriate decisions; to provide participants with preventative care information; to screen individuals for certain conditions such as sickle cell, lead, hemoglobin, glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.; to enroll community members into social service programs.


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