Going into the ‘Stretch Run’ …Week 6 is in the books

The standings are changing in the ACMFL with two ‘leap-frogs’ in the standings. Let’s give a round of applause for Wilkinsburg and West Pittsburgh for making their jumps and getting themselves in condition for championship contention. Also, big “ups” to North Shore organization, who split the series with the number one seeded Hill District team that only had one loss coming into the last weekend of the season.

Last but certainly not least, we want to give a special shout out to the Baby Twerps team of the Homewood Bulldawgs. They are ripping their competition with a 4-0-1 record. This is who will do battle this week:


OFFENSE FIREWORKS—Northside Steelers wide receiver Mark Peters takes this one to the house as the Steelers offense visited the end zone many times. Northside quarterback Blaze Canning (5) scored five touchdowns in this game.

Let’s take a look at how your community faired:

This Week
1. Lincoln 3-0-1
1. Wilkinsburg 3-0-1
3. West Pittsburgh 2-1-1
4. Garfield 2-2
4. Hill District 2-2
4. Homewood 2-2
4. North Shore 2-2
8. North Side 1-2-1
9. Braddock 0-3-1
9. Clairton 0-3-1

Also, take a look at the league standings up to date:

1. Hill District 16-3-1
2. Garfield 15-5
3. Wilkinsburg 12-6-2
4. Homewood 12-8
5. Lincoln 10-7-3
6. North Shore 9-10-1
7. Clairton 5-13-2
8. West Pittsburgh 5-14-1
9. North Side 4-14-2
10. Braddock 3-16-1

Finally, a look into who will do battle this week:

Next Week’s Schedule:
All Games begin Saturday @ 9 a.m.
Hill District @ Wilkinsburg
North Side @ Clairton
North Shore @ Braddock
Homewood @ W. Pittsburgh
Garfield @ Lincoln * Courier’s Series-to-Watch (Week 6)

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