Speak Out: Did Harvey Adams have an impact on Pittsburgh?

Civil rights activist Harvey Adams died recently, so we asked Pittsburghers what was their reaction to his death and life. Here’s what you said:

“He had a whole lot of impact. He made a lot possible for Blacks in the city of Pittsburgh. He was a shaker, mover and inspiration for the Pittsburgh police. He opened up a lot of avenues and will never be missed because he’ll always be remembered.”


Marcia Battle-Reid
Mt. Oliver
Pitt employee

“I am saddened by the loss of Harvey Adams. He was an important man who helped the community and worked until he died. He was a good man.”
Glen Darrell Seals
Lower Hill
Community member

“He got a lot of stuff moving around here. He brought a lot of opportunities to the Hill. In the late ’60s and ’70s, he made sure we were a part of the jobs and development. I like what he did for the city and our people.”
Lawrence Harrison
North Side

“He made a great impact. He opened doors for a lot of people and got them jobs. He was over the housing authority and the NAACP. I was surprised to hear he passed.”
Mae Richardson

“He was my neighbor and a good man. He opened doors to so many things, for example, voting, plumbing, etc…He opened it up for Black people. If you wanted a job, he’d get you one. He raised three beautiful children.”
Thermie Davis
Child care provider

“He was once the president of the NAACP and was very active in the Civil Rights Movement. He was the first to put minorities on the police force with the city of Pittsburgh. He went the extra mile to help everyone he could, was down to earth and never forgot where he came from. He will be missed.”
Joann Lewis
Hill District

(Compiled by Erin Perry. Photos by Erin Perry.)


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