Ask Gwendolyn…So your husband left you? Deal with it!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I work for a large corporation and every day the divorced women can’t properly do their work for having a “pity party.” This is the problem: They constantly sing the sad song of the fact they are miserable. They sound like a broken record “My husband left me and I was a good wife.”

Gwendolyn, I am thinking about putting in for a transfer or just quitting the job.—Rhonda



Dear Rhonda: In today’s economic crisis and businesses going out of business leaving millions of people unemployed, whatever you do—don’t quit your job. This is my advice to you: Join in on the conversation. Yes, people always have to listen to the “I was a good wife.” Gee whiz, what’s good got to do with it? Statistics have shown that men have left “good women” for “bad women.” They love those bad women declaring they are seeking excitement. Funny thing though, when the excitement wears off, these same men have too much pride to come back. However, some lose their job, their mind and the respect they once had from others and return home with barely a chin-wag—acting like a dog wagging its tail. Sadly though, these married women take them back—and usually the situation remains the same.

Let me tell you this. Life takes adjustments and from one day to the next no one knows tomorrow. Some of the happiest marriages have failed—that’s life and nothing can be done to reverse it. What these married women fail to realize is at least they had their mate for a little while—when many single women never have their loved one at all. Even living together is not the same as marriage. So, Rhonda, tell the ladies to awake each morning giving thanks for being alive and to be sure to enjoy each day, whether with a mate or alone. Tell them to stop the ‘pity party and do their work.

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