Will God stop blessing America’s gay capital?

(NNPA)—Biblical literate pastors, preachers and people of faith should not remain silent as the DC City Council positions the district to become the homosexual capital of the nation.
If district leaders succeed and it looks like they will, the penalty for changing the definition of marriage so men can marry men and women can marry women will have terrible spiritual and social consequences. 

The way all this is happening is almost as sinister as the act itself. First of all, district leaders who are always reminding the world how awful it is not to have congressional voting representation, have rammed a same-sex marriage bill through the legal process without granting residents the right to vote on it through a referendum.



In early July the city recognized same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions without going to the voters. Then performing more like dictators than democratic representatives, they rammed through a measure stating that “any person may marry any other eligible person regardless of gender.”

Under Home Rule, Congress has the power to block the bill, but the Democratic controlled body, with its large homosexual constituency, is expected to sail it through, even though President Barack Obama has stated that marriage is between a male and a female.

If the bill passes, the district will become the only jurisdiction south of the Mason Dixon line where homosexual couples can marry. Since this is the nation’s capital this move will become the center of homosexual activism and do much to destroy the institution of marriage nationally and internationally as well.

Sadly enough, changing the definition of marriage, which is a sacred tradition, is a setup for spiritual and social destruction.

First of all, the Bible warns in 1st Corin. 6:9 that homosexuality, like adultery, is a sin and those who live those lifestyles will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Other scriptures rebuke those who approve of homosexuality, call the practice an abomination and show how homosexuality brought down destructive wrath upon the entire city of Sodom and Gomorrah because of men having sex with men.

Jesus was very clear on the marriage issue when in Matthew 19:4:5 he declared, “Have you not read that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female and for this cause shall a man leave father and mother and shall cleave to his wife and their twain shall be one flesh.”

Bible readers know these scriptures well. Yet, many are too scared or too comfortable to publicly challenge this same-sex move even from their own pulpits because of the gay lobby’s skill at labeling those who oppose them as homo-phobic.

That label does not have to stick. First of all homophobic denotes hate. I personally have fought for the rights of gay people not to be discriminated against in housing, employment and education. But when it comes to agreeing that the sacred covenant of marriage between a man and a woman should be changed to accommodate a lifestyle the Bible says is “sinful,” then somebody must draw the line.

Moreover, those who stand up for the Word love enough to come out of their comfort zone so that souls won’t be lost. We risk condemnation even persecution by doing so. That to me is real love.

Apostasy where people abandon godly principles or remain silent in the face of moral corruption has grave consequences not only for individuals but also for the entire nation.

When prayer went out of the schools, drugs and gangs took over. There will also be dire consequences for humankind creating what God did not.

God did not create two same sexes. He created male and female. The sexes are not the same. They never will be the same. It is pure folly to pretend that harmony and balance and stable families can be maintained by changing the order and design of creation.

In the wake of DC’s manufactured sex change, the redefinition of marriage will mean rewriting textbooks to show two— or maybe three parents—as either genderless or two men as “mom and dad.’’  Furthermore, it will be unlawful to teach students that a family composed of male and female parents is the norm. People who define marriage as between male and females will be eased out of jobs, a situation I already see happening.

Even now, with countless straight men disappearing into prisons and mortuaries, boys are suffering identity crises and role confusion as they try to grow into productive men. As high as 70 percent of African-American families are headed by single women. Boys desperately need fathers in their homes— not two women as dads or a male mother.

In several states, this role confusion is already imposing a lack of morals on the public. Laws have been passed where certain transgendered people—a man who self perceives himself as a woman irrespective of his sexual anatomy—can use women’s bathrooms in public places, including schools.

It looks to me like the district is taking on a Las Vegas mentality that once again is a big mistake. Unlike Vegas, what happens in the nation’s capital does not stay here. We help share the world. And that is a sad situation.

The larger question, especially when you look at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah because of men having sex with men, will events in the nation’s capital alter our destiny where God will simply stop blessing America?

(Dr. Barbara Reynolds is an ordained minister, author of five books, and writes on religion and other subjects for the National Newspaper Publishers Association.)


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