Speak Out…What do you think about Evan Frazier leaving the Hill House?

Evan Frazier recently announced he will leave the Hill House as executive director to join Highmark. We asked Pittsburghers what they thought, and here’s what you said.

“He’s proven to be a leader and everyone has gained from his leadership. We are sorry to see him go. We wish him well in his new job opportunity.”
Ken Nesbit
Highland Park
Site coordinator


“He has been a leader in a lot of different ways. He has been instrumental in bringing resources to the community. He is very bright and upwardly mobile and is an asset to any company.”
Will Moody
Wilkins Township

“I feel disappointment but I’m happy for him. He’s done a great job on the Hill and for the community. He’s also done a great job as executive director. He’ll be sorely missed.”
Don McEachern
East Liberty
Program coordinator

“I’m surprised and saddened. He will be greatly missed. I wish he could stay. He’s a great and down to earth person. I hope he will change his mind.”
Angela Patton
Hill District
Patient business services representative

“I have mixed emotions. I think that he is a great asset to the Hill and I’m sure he will utilize his capacity to continue to support the Hill House as well as other community endeavors. It’s a significant loss but he has set the stage for further outreach in the community.”
Cecilia Jenkins
Penn Hills
Pittsburgh Community Services Inc.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for him to show his expertise. He has so much to offer and it’s a way for him to continue to excel. He’s very personable and concerned about the community. He’s done an excellent job at the Hill House and his presence will certainly be missed.”
Mary Sirmons
Penn Hills


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