There definitely are those who care

Almost every day I am stopped and asked, “Why or how do you remain so optimistic?”
If you look around it will be apparent to you that people generally don’t care and whether you recognize it or not the nation, if not the world, is rapidly going to hell in a handcart. There are some occasions and situations where I do become alarmed, disturbed, angry and sometimes mad as hell. However, my upbringing and church keep me focused.


I have written over the years that frequently my columns originate from those whom I have had a dialogue with and this week’s column is a perfect example. I was having a discussion with a person I met a couple of years ago through Chuck Powell and we have developed a sense of mutual respect for each other. A discussion took place last week about my going back on the radio and I explained my position and what I needed to accelerate returning to airwaves. The end result is that his corporation will sponsor my upcoming radio program. In the very near future the sponsor’s name will become public.

It is that kind of response that enables me to stay the course and continue to tell the truth, challenge injustices and to refute those who blame everybody else for their ineptitudes.

Every time I run into Al Felton, a Black retired police officer who was the oldest rookie in the history of the Pittsburgh Police Department, he always says, “I read your column religiously, please keep on keeping on.”

The other day a young female in her early 20s approached me with her little daughter, and asked, “Are you “Hop” Kendrick, who writes for the New Pittsburgh Courier?” I said yes and she said her name is Melissa and then introduced her daughter and stated that she never fails to buy a Courier to read “Tell The Truth.”

Over the years people of all ages and races have stopped me and made a reference to a column or to the columns. Some disagree and others agree, but I have never encountered anyone who was disagreeable. I have always known that there are more good people than bad, more good acts preformed than bad, more good parents than bad, more respectful youths than disrespectful and definitely the majority of people CARE.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)


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