Speak Out: What happened to Tiger Woods?

Since the Tiger Woods incident has dominated the news lately we asked Pittsburghers what they thought. Here’s what you said:

“I think she should take her money and leave.”
Jamel Williams
Retired police officer

Jamel Williams, Lisa Magee and Curtis Brown

“It was obvious she hit him with the club, she was standing over him, he was lying on the ground and she wasn’t trying to call 911. He had to do what he did because if he tells the truth she’s going to jail and be charged with domestic abuse.””
Herald Heard
Penn Hills
Retired Iron structure worker

“It’s sad, he needs to have his privacy to deal with the issue with his family.”
Lisa Magee
Penn Hills
Insurance agent

“He’s human.”
Curtis Brown
Penn Hills

“The matter took our attention, which it should have because he’s in the limelight. Other than the fact that there were some family hostilities going on that night they had to close the case. They should let the family rest, after Tiger comes on out and he should do that sooner rather than later.”  
Jane Heard
Penn Hills
Research interviewer

“There are so many things going on in the world more significant than Tiger’s personal life. Tiger got caught being human, let’s see who his real fans are.”
B. Orlando
East End
Mental health therapist

(Compiled by Gail Manker. Photos by Gail Manker.)


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