Letter To The Editor: Is the Hill ready to Save-A-Lot?

Dear Editor:

Another year has already gone by and with Kuhn’s decision to not locate its store in the Hill. It’s evident now that a full-service grocery store remains elusive for the Hill District. According to the Hill District Community Benefits Agreement, efforts to finalize a grocery store in the Hill District is fast approaching.


Don’t worry, remember Save-A-Lot, the national grocer that Landmarks Community Capital Corporation introduced to the Hill District last year? Well, the good news is they are still interested in locating in the Hill.


Over the past year, while Hill District residents were waiting for their full-service grocery store, Save-a-Lot was continuing its efforts to strengthen urban neighborhoods by opening up more stores in under-served urban communities. In the next five years Save-A-Lot plans to double the number of stores it has nationally. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Save-A-Lot, which has seven stores in metro Atlanta “is planning to help metro Atlantans Save-A-Lot.” The national chain has 30 grocery stores in Philadelphia, 30 in Detroit, 30 in St. Louis, 25 in Tampa, with this experience, why not the Hill?

On Nov. 13, 2008, at the Urban Redevelopment Authority board meeting, Save-A-Lot officials said “it was ready to break ground in the Hill today.” Is the Hill ready yet?

Last year when Save-A-Lot said it was ready, the Penguins Stadium was not built, nor was there a groundbreaking for the hotel. It’s time for the residents of the Hill to have their groundbreaking too, but it’s up to you. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said is best, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase,” in other words, get the tomatoes and oranges now and have faith that the cleaners, pharmacy and bakery will come! This business could be a great opportunity for a minority entrepreneur.

Dr. Howard B. Slaughter Jr.
President, CEO
Landmarks Community Capital Corp.


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