Spitefulness, self-hate, ignorance suffocate Black progress

I have lost patience with those Blacks who would attribute all of our problems to White folks and refuse to accept any responsibility for a multitude of our shortcomings. This statement does not give White folks immunity from the roadblocks they put in place. However, let us analyze how we have gotten into our deplorable situation.


We elect a Black female or male to a political position and immediately upon their being sworn in they demonstrate their total allegiance to the political party and we the voters do absolutely nothing about it, but complain. We don’t attend city council or school board meetings in big numbers to register our dissatisfaction, so it’s business as usual.


Too frequently we demonstrate our self-hate for each other by vilifying each other in an attempt to influence those who may award us some money. It amazes me how often I hear Blacks talking about those they dislike, usually for some petty or obscure reason. The high rate of negative crimes that take place in our community stems from self-hate.

Filthy lyrics that Black artists use to describe their mothers, sisters and wives [Black women] are self-hate.

Do you recall hearing colored men say they would never hire a Black mechanic, contractor, doctor, lawyer or Blacks in other professions? These are all examples of self-hate. I recall an incident when I was a narcotics detective and the colored suspect called me every name under the sun. When my White partner spoke up he responded by saying “Okay officer,” but I clearly understood the mindset, and understand it better in 2010.

Now allow me to focus on what we as a people must do and it was well said at Your Sister’s Project’s meeting titled a solution to Obama about the extremely critical unemployment situation across America. The executive director, Sister Shirley Muhammad, made a statement that needs to be repeated. She stated that those across this country have flipped the script by referring to Black unemployment statistics as minorities. In fact, Blacks are the majority when it comes to unemployment. In cites that Detroit’s White unemployment is 10 percent and Black unemployment is 47 percent.

In every major city in this country those are the disparities in unemployment rates. The problems of Black America are so unique that it will take some very unique solutions. Obama can’t afford to make our problems a priority because he would be labeled a Black president, it would affect his reelection potential. It is imperative that we as a people provide unique workable solutions to our unemployment problems and be able to convince those politicians who aspire for public office to implement them.

Over the course of my adult life I have always advocated that success for Black people lies in the hearts and minds of Black people. We can’t continue to hope and expect someone else to do it for us. We, as Black people, must cease saying what we can’t do, what we can’t accomplish, what they won’t let us do and eradicate “can’t” from our vocabulary and life.

It’s 2010 and the youths of Kingsley Association still need your financial support.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)


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