City League Roundup…Play continues as weather conditions improve

Basketball contests resumed last week with a major upset. Top-seeded Perry suffered their first loss on Feb. 15 to Peabody, 77-75, in overtime.

“We’ve been fortunate to have made some good shots at very crucial times,” Perry Coach Marco Corona said. “This season has been a good one so far and this proves that we have to work hard throughout the duration of it.”

Perry (16-2, 12-1) could not stop the unselfish and relentless attack of Peabody, as they finished with four players in double figures.


“(Unselfish play) is what we’ve been preaching all year,” Peabody coach Tim Broderick said. “If you make the extra pass, you’ll win the game. I tell them all the time to duck their heads and get to the basket and to share the ball.”

Both coaches agree that the league has no clear favorite to win it all.

“I think any of the top six teams can be a threat to win the title,” said Broderick.  “Each team has its own identity and you have to respect that. They can all hurt you in so many ways.”

“This League is totally up for grabs,” said Corona.

Marcus Smith led all scorers for Perry with 25 points. Daryl Harrington and Greg McGhee also contributed with 19 and 14, respectively.

“The guys that usually step up for us did, surprisingly,” said Corona.

Sharod Green (23), Marzell Baskins (17), Rudy Freeman (13), and Dontae Forte (10), were the four players in double figures, for Peabody (7-12, 7-7).



Monday, Feb. 15

Allderdice 63, Carrick 45—High scorers: (A) Justin Dobbs 21, Brandon McClester 15, Ben Mickens 15. (C) Jordan Wilson 15.

Oliver 67, Schenley 30—High scorers: (S) Camerin Nesbit 13. (O) Tawayne Steele 16, Evan Schell 14, Delvon Murray 10.

Westinghouse 104, Langley 60

Tuesday, Feb. 16

Brashear 52, Langley 42—High scorers: (B) Henri Chatman 19, Elijah Peterson 14. (L) Brendon Drake 14, Deyshawn Martin 12.

Oliver 50, Allderdice 43—High scorers: (A) Ishmail Swain 20. (O) Delvon Murray 15, Evan Schell 13, Tawayne Steele 10.

Perry 59, Schenley 53—High scorers: (S) Camerin Nesbit 16, Alonzo Murphy 13. (P) Greg McGhee 22, Marcus Smith 21.

Westinghouse 71, Peabody 64—High scorers: (W) Fleming Davis 23, DeAundre Epperson 18, Darrell Cosby 18. (P) Sharod Green 23, Marzell Baskins 10.


Thursday Feb. 25—3:15 Oliver at Perry, 7:30 Brashear at Allderdice, Carrick at Westinghouse, Langley at Schenley



Monday Feb. 15

Allderdice 63, Carrick 35—High scorers: (C) Angel Gould 17. (A) Janay Bottoms 24, Lanise Saunders 14.

Perry 2, Peabody 0 (Forfeit)

Schenley 68, Oliver 13—High scorers: (O) Shaquanda Winbush 5. (S) London McCoy 22, Taylor Smith 15.

Westinghouse 54, Langley 12—High scorers: (L) Sierra Mock 6. (W) Tatayanna Cox-Taylor 17, Cassandra Flowers 17.

Tuesday Feb. 16

Allderdice 54, Oliver 25—High scorers: (O) Tay’Rah Scott 9. (A) Janay Bottoms 11, Lanise Saunders 10.

Brashear 46, Langley 45—High scorers: (L) Valerie White 21, Desiray Weston 10. (B) Nautica Buchanan 16, Carrisa Johnson 12.

Perry 51, Schenley 46—High scorers: (P) Dashawna Carey 19. (S) London McCoy 22.

Westinghouse 2, Peabody 0 (Forfeit).


Thursday Feb. 25—3:15 Allderdice at Brashear, Perry at Oliver, Schenley at Langley, Westinghouse at Carrick

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