My husband is a practical joker!

Dear Gwendolyn:

My husband never takes anything serious in public. I hate his behavior, but I must say I have come to tolerate his actions at home. But Gwendolyn, he is most shameful when we are in public.

Recently I was interviewed for a top promotion. My husband and I were at the new upscale mall when I ran into my boss and his wife. When I introduced him to my boss, he reacted in a most ridiculous manner. It was so distasteful that when I got to work that Monday morning, my boss informed me the position I was to receive—was going to be put on hold due to budget restraints.


We have had many conversations about his behavior. Strange thing is that when we dated (which was only for five months), he was studious and interesting and showed nothing but knowledge.—Gladys

Dear Gladys:

Five months? This could be the problem. Let me tell you this: If you told your husband about the promotion prior to seeing your boss in the mall, there is a strong possibility jealousy showed on his face. You know there are men who cannot stand to see their spouse move up. Successful women do not remain a success or become a success married to a practical joker.

Tell your husband you have had enough. If his behavior continues, he is going to ruin every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t let that happen.

Gladys, think about it. Husbands have a tendency to say whatever they want to their spouse and meaning every word of it—but having the statement to come across as a joke, sorry, not funny and there should not be a laugh.

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