Tiger alert

Over the past few months, golfer and athlete extraordinaire Tiger Woods has been forced into seeing almost every aspect of his personal life plastered on the front page of almost every newspaper. Everyone dead and alive has heard about the sexual misdeeds of Mr. Woods.


We have all been forced to endure all of the cackling, hackling and yakking about the misdeeds of Woods 24-7 on every radio or television show that could afford a talking head or at least a reasonable facsimile of one. All of these sexual behavior “experts” have decided to infect our eardrums and our eyeballs with voices and visuals along with any photo or audio of Tiger leaving frantic messages on poisoned answering machines.


I am empathetic when it comes to the plight of these young women. Wait a minute, before I go too far, was Eldrick “Tiger” Woods guilty of any criminal act besides adultery and any spiritual transgression aside from infidelity?

I am going to be blunt.

The world should be so lucky. With blatant pedophiles and sex addicts roaming unchecked throughout our sanctuaries, standing bold and tall in the pulpits with bibles under their arms and condoms in their pockets, I am sure the world should have better things to do other than exposing and controlling the libido of Tiger Woods. At least Tiger, unlike a few athletes from these here parts, doesn’t seem to be looking for quick and instantaneous pleasure from males or females in bathroom stalls, minus the Morse Code-like tapping of feet.

Women all over the world are assaulted, raped, brutalized and killed on a minute-by–minute basis by men they know and by perfect strangers and you know what? All they want to talk about is how many times and with how many women Tiger Woods slept with. Place some of those resources and some of that coverage where it is most needed. The spotlight needs to be focused on women who have been defiled and degraded by men of all races, colors and creeds. These are the sisters who need our help and our sympathy. Don’t cry too much for Mrs. Woods because she was crafty. There is no way that any woman, especially one who is probably armed with “mother wit” instinct does not feel the antennae rise when there is trouble in “Camp Boudoir.” If she decides to end the marriage, she will possibly walk away very, very sad, but very, very, rich.

The life and times of Tiger Woods up until this point was a deprived fairy tale created and sustained by Woods, the world of golf and the blood thirsty media standing in the gallery, in their studios or sitting at their editorial desks. Can’t you just picture them? Black ink dripping from “vampiric” fangs, hearts singed with envy and hate, anticipating the demise of the world’s richest athlete. Tiger Woods accommodated them, hook, line and sinker. However, when television ratings for golf started to plummet, all of a sudden the chatter shifted from the punishment of Tiger to the penalties that the television networks were paying the price for dismal ratings minus a scowling and fist pumping Tiger prowling the fairways.

Now there is a new anti-Tiger looming on the horizon. The media has no scruples, values or morals. Now they are bringing the family of one of Tiger’s chief rivals, Phil Mickelson, to assist them in painting an even darker portrait of Woods. Mickelson has been forced to deal with another kind of tragedy. His wife has battled breast cancer. However, the media has seized the opportunity to point out what a devoted father Mickelson has been, dedicated and focused on a spouse in crisis, all the while profiling the character flaws of Woods. In other words this is how husbands and fathers are supposed to conduct themselves.  I am not defending Tiger Woods because I do not believe that sex is an addiction. I am of the opinion that sexual activity is a choice. The best method of sexual rehab for any human being is to keep their pants on.

(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: abruce@newpittsburghcourier.com.)


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