I believe my wife is leaving me!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

One week prior to my wedding, my father had a “man-to-man” talk with me. He told me that “When you court a lady, shower her with love and affection, but when you marry, give her as little affection as possible. In doing so you forever keep her trying to hold your love.”

On the advice of my father when we went on our first year anniversary, I invited my two best buddies to come along. Once she had a bad cold and I told her I didn’t want to catch it, so I left and went to visit my buddies in another state.


Another example was when my wife asked me to go skiing with her, I told her no. But when my buddy’s wife said they were going skiing, then I quickly went out and purchased ski gear. My wife cried. I was only trying to do what my dad told me to do. He treated my mother in the same manner and she didn’t leave. My dad is now 66. What should I do?—Jacob

Dear Jacob:

I feel like telling you to ask your daddy, but I won’t. Let me tell you this: Your father came along when men were cruel, but women stayed—mostly because of fear to survive. That fear is now gone and women are ruling the corporate world and men are standing in unemployment lines.

Jacob, think about it. I don’t care what your father told you, a man should have a strong love for his wife. To invite two buddies to come along on your first year anniversary is disgusting—the idea makes one want to vomit. Do not try to win back her love. I’m sure she lost it one year after the marriage. Wish her the best and let her fly away like a bird leaving your little raggedy nest.

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