My ex-wife is causing problems with my fiancée!

Dear Gwendolyn:

My ex-wife and I have been divorced for 18 years. After being married for four years, I had promised myself never to marry again. Well, that thought left two years ago when I met the woman I should have met before meeting my ex.

This is the problem. In my four years of marriage, we had two children, twin boys. They are now 20 years old. One has a wonderful personality and is a junior in college. His brother, however, has a nasty personality (like his mom) and refuses to keep a job. My ex-wife is angry because I won’t buy him a car. If I did that, my fiancée won’t be able to have the elaborate wedding she wants. What should I do?—Ethan


Dear Ethan:

There should not be a question of “what to do.” Even if you were not engaged, there should be no reason whatsoever to purchase a car for a child that is ungrateful. And, if he had the ways of an angel, he is an adult now and adult people take on their own responsibilities. If he was also making an effort as your college son, then the matter could possibly (and I do mean possibly) be considered.

Yes, I agree. It appears your ex-wife is trying to make certain your money is spent and a wedding, not just elaborate, of any kind will not take place. Let me tell you this. As the saying goes, “He doesn’t want you and doesn’t want anyone else to have you.” Think about it. This same scenario is shown by ex-wives.

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