Speak Out: Do you think enough is being done for girls' sports in the city?

A recent study was done on the disparities of girls’ sports in the city so we asked Pittsburghers what they thought. Here’s what you said.

No. Even when I was in school uniforms weren’t updated as often. The games weren’t put in the same type of facilities, smaller, less costly facilities. People need to speak up about it. I think it’s probably gone on since the ’50s when maybe there weren’t as many women playing sports. ”
Erica Picket
Point Breeze
Outreach worker

Erica Picket, Ashtin Harris, Jamar Reeves

“I think girls are treated somewhat fairly. The guys get all the clothes and jackets and things like that. They get to play but it’s not as much as the guys do. The parents and children need to speak up.”
Ashtin Harris
North Side

“I would say they were treated maybe not totally as fairly as men but maybe about 60-40.”
Jamar Reeves
North Side
Bus driver

“No. They need better coaches.”
Jocquet McCray

“No, I don’t think they’re treated fairly, because there’s a discrepancy between the females and the males. The males get supplied more, the young men they have everything that they need; they (girls) don’t even have the support they need. I think it needs to be brought to mutual grounds.”
Kim Trent

“Yes. When I was in high school, I think they’re treated on how strong they were. I don’t think girls should do guy sports, I’m saying they couldn’t do guy sports, they could do it but I think they were limited due to their strength; I think they were treated due to their strengths, I think it was fair.”
Francis Tabi
East Liberty


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