My sister’s co-workers don’t support me!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: My sister works in an office at a large corporation. Her co-workers are always selling something, books, magazines, cosmetics, etc. You name it, they are selling it. Because they are her co-workers, I usually purchase their items.
Gwendolyn, this is what’s bothering me. When I have something to sell, they never make an order. My teenage son recently cut a record. I asked my sister to take it to work. You guessed it. No one bought it. I recently wrote a book and got it published. I sent copies of it to my sister’s job. Again, as with my son, no one bought a copy. Am I wrong to expect them to buy from me? What should I do?—Ava


Dear Ava:

Stop buying from them. I must say, “People are amazing.” I will explain: Some children grow up with parents, grandparents and other family members—neighbors and family friends all telling them they are better than others. This thought spills over into adult behavior. Think about it. If you can purchase from them, then they can purchase from you. I don’t care if they throw it into the trash, or better yet, give it away as a gift but not to purchase at all is not good. By doing so does not show support.

Ava, this type of situation happens more often than you think. It is not just with you. Tell your son not to become discouraged. Most famous people did not become famous with people they knew supporting them. In fact, the people you know show their real “self” when you try to move forward with a dream. However, never give up your dream based on the negative attitude you receive when trying to achieve it. Believe me, Ava, I know from personal experience.

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