Why I support Onorato

In 1952, I became a registered voter and have voted in each and every election since. Prior to my being eligible to vote, I had recognized the overwhelming importance and significance of being a sophisticated voter. Over the years we have too frequently voted against our own best interests by not taking time to analyze our candidates.

In every election the phrase is repeated that this election may be the most important in history, and I will repeat it again, “The election this year will be the most important election in the history of Pennsylvania.”


Why? There are a multitude of extremely critical issues this state has never effectively confronted. Allow me to list just a few of the major ones— pension plans, public education, deteriorating highways and bridges, property taxes, excessive numbers in the legislature and other critical issues. To elect another typical politician will be devastating.

My choice for governor in the Democratic primary was not a decision made on any single reason such as gender, race, articulation, education, experience, honesty, believability, but the best combination of the qualities just mentioned. Over the course of my many years of political involvement I was provided with the opportunity to know the majority of candidates throughout Allegheny County who aspire for public offices, and regretfully the majority speak with a forked tongue (liars).

I always approached my support of a candidate the same way I approach my religion—by never attempting to defend or argue but simply explain. A number of Blacks and Whites solicited my support for their gubernatorial candidate, and I simply said assuming everything that you have said about your candidate is true, I have committed to support Allegheny County Chief Executive, Dan Onorato, and allow me to explain why.

There are four politicians that have never lied to me about any issue and Dan is one of the four. Secondly, he is not a yes man, but an independent thinker who supports those policies he truly believes will benefit the majority of people throughout Allegheny County.

Thirdly, and maybe the most important reason I am voting for Dan is I have discussed a number of critical issues with him that have the potential of having a positive effect on so many and they were addressed. It is abundantly clear to me that if state government is to be stabilized the next governor of Pennsylvania must be much more than a politician, he must be a visionary and that is why I am voting for Dan Onorato.

Don’t forget the Kingsley Association.

(Louis Hop Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)


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