Father’s Day and roles that men must play


Father’s Day as some of are aware could be every day of the year. On a personal level the four of us were blessed with the most wonderful father a family could have. Our father was a neighbor father who demonstrated by example all of the qualities that were necessary in the development of a man. Daddy was more than an exceptional provider of materialism, he instilled in all that knew him the following positive factors:

Responsibility for self, family and others, never condoning wrong, can’t was never to be a part of your vocabulary or lifestyle, all things being equal you could accomplish anything, honor your parents, respect for all adults and especially women.

Our father made all the rules in the Kendrick home and you were not permitted to dispute any of them. One of his many famous expressions was “only two adults live in this house, your mother and me and we make all the rules.” One of the major rules was every Sunday the entire family went to church and we were active participants in all programs. Another comes to mind as I write this column, I hear my deceased father’s voice stressing the importance of education, he would constantly say “go to school, they can’t take that away.” He then would conclude by saying, “racism and bigotry will always be in existence, but if and when the doors of opportunity are opened and you are denied entrance it will not be because you are not adequately prepared.”

My father died relatively young, and he only knew two of his grandchildren. But if he lived long enough he would have had 11 grandchildren, and he would have been so proud, because 10 attended college, and nine graduated. Any person that knows me will attest to the fact that I talk about my father regularly and he died in October 1953. Those who knew him who would testify he always discussed the responsibility of colored men. He would state those men who are not biological fathers have the moral obligation to help those youths who lives cross theirs.

On Sat. June 19, I will attend the first Father’s Day tribute sponsored by Your Sisters Project and The Muhammad Study Group and I will hear father’s agreement about the significance and importance of Black men rebuilding their communities.

Please remember the Kingsley Association.

(Louis ‘Hop’ Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)


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