I don’t want to change jobs!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I have been employed at the same company since graduating from college I am now at a six-figure salary. My husband’s sister works for a job agency. At present he is upset with me because I will not accept a job she told me about. I told him I did not wish to change. Gwendolyn, what do you think?—Vanessa


Dear Vanessa:

I think you are a smart lady. I must commend you for making such a decision. Let me tell you this. People are sickening—quite sickening indeed. Instead of your husband being concerned about your future, he is looking after the future of his sister. She is considered a “headhunter” seeking a commission. Why would she expect you to change jobs during this bad economy time? I’m sure she is aware companies are selling out due to lack of profits, or at least that is the excuse they are using.

Vanessa, there is something important you need to do. Continue to advance your knowledge. By doing so you will always be prepared for whatever happens when it comes to employment. You’ve heard the story. Companies seek smart people while dummies get left behind.

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