Speak Out: What is your reaction to the BP oil spill?

The worst oil spill in this country’s history has occurred in the Gulf. We asked Pittsburghers who is responsible for paying for it and who should clean it up? Here’s what you said:


“It’s the biggest environmental and economic castatrophe that we have had in 40 years. The person/people responsible should pay for the damage and the cleanup costs. BP took shortcuts that caused the explosion and the equipment manufacturers produced faulty equipment. All responsible parties should pay.”
Alice Pittrell
East Liberty
Legacy Arts Project program manager

“I think BP should be held responsible. There is too much technology to allow something like that to happen to the environment. They let it go too long before making an attempt to fix it. There was no sense of urgency to this devastating situation.”
Robert Clark
Hill District

“It’s a crazy situation. They (BP) have killed a lot of animals and have been slow to take responsibility. I think they should pay for all the damage to the environment and people’s livelihood.”
Quinton Murphy
Hill District

“BP should pay for the devastation. It was careless for something like that to even happen. It is destroying the coast and the livelihood of the people.”
Cindy Glenn
Hill District
Public relations

“BP is responsible for the oil hole and should pay for it. We didn’t do it but it is destroying our ecological system and environment. It didn’t happen in Britain but we are the ones paying for it. If we would have done something like that in Britain, we would have been castrated and destroyed.”
Amir Rashid
Hill District

“BP is responsible for paying for it. There has been a local effect on the economy but they haven’t shown us how it has affected the economy on a larger scale.”
Ashley Hardin
Braddock Hills
Child care

(Compiled by Erin Perry. Photos by Erin Perry.)


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