Stop it America. Stop it immediately. Cease the madness.

I am a true red, white and blue-blooded patriot with stars and stripes running through my veins but I am in need of a transfusion, posthaste. I am becoming more ill by the day reading, hearing and seeing reports about the trials, tribulations and troubles of Philadelphia Eagles’ backup quarterback Michael Vick.

Coupled with his actual deeds, some of this misinformation is manufactured and promoted by the blood­thirsty media, a few of whom seem to have a lynch mob, “Tea Party” mentality. Vick, however, does not get off the hook completely because by more than one account he is a professional football quarterback extraordinaire, but maybe a little less than that as a human being.


According to published AP reports, Vick denied and continues to deny that he was involved in a shooting following his recent birthday celebration in Virginia Beach. Vick also said he reported the incident to the Eagles and “to representatives of Commissioner Roger Goodell.” Vick said that “he has been completely truthful and fully cooperative” with law enforcement and the NFL, and will continue to cooperate as the investigation continues. There are no positive footnotes to reports about Vick, just slurs and innuendos.

Even the Virginia Beach police spokesman concerning the case gets it. Police spokesman Adam Bernstein said they will not discuss specifics of the investigation. Bernstein also declined to characterize Vick’s status in the investigation. “I don’t want to say either way as to what his involvement is,” Bernstein told the AP in a telephone interview. “Everyone wants me to give him a label because of who he is.” Give him a label because of who he is? Nah, not in America

Hmm, could it be possible that the media “inspired” treatment of Barry Bonds, Marion Jones and O.J. Simpson should have provided the hard-headed Vick enough clues to indicate to him that PETA a.k.a people for the ethical treatment of animals and society-at-large were going to keep the shackles on him even after he was released from the “joint.”

Why? Well, primarily because he may be running to become the next mayor of “Knuckle Head” city and secondly because he has a little more than the average amount of melanin visible on the surface of his epidermis. You dig? Now check this out. Tennessee Titans quarterback Chris Simms was recently arrested for allegedly smoking weed and driving under the influence. According to another AP report, Simms told New York City police that he was allegedly smoking marijuana when he was stopped recently but said that he was talking about cigarettes. When asked about the incident, Simms said, “I think it speaks for itself.” Simms father, ex-New York Giants QB and current CBS announcer Phil Simms, characterized the case against his son as, “very weak” as he exited the Manhattan courtroom. Well for the sake of justice why don’t the prosecutors consider a blood, urine or even a hair follicle drug screen to analyze the amounts of THC (for marijuana) or nicotine (for tobacco) present in Chris Simms. Have all of the NFL’s attack dogs been shipped down to Virginia Beach waiting for Mike Vick to come into the yard?

Let’s rev up the engine a bit. There are many cases where great athletes have amassed huge sums of money only to be gypped, hoodwinked and defrauded out of it until they cried bankruptcy. Take the recent case of former Steeler and University of Kentucky center Dermontti Dawson. Dawson has filed for bankruptcy, saying he is more than $69 million in debt. Dawson, who played 13 seasons in the NFL, filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, listing $1.4 million in assets. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that Dawson’s debts are mostly business-related, and much of it appears to be from real estate ventures.

Real estate ventures failing. Does that sound familiar?

If prosecutors displayed as much zeal in prosecuting the bankers in “monkey suits” than prosecuting athletes like Vick and Bonds, determined to put them in orange jump suits they would have to put temporary tents outside the prisons just to house the overflow, complete with “Porta Johns.”

America, we have sadly become a nation of takers. The “tea parties” of the United States will not return Manhattan to the Native Americans. Incorrigible and unscrupulous real estate property dealers in all probability are continuing to pick lobster from their teeth resulting from the profits of the blood money earned by Dermontti Dawson and countless others like him.

Emma Lazarus one said, “Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to be free.” I hope all of you enjoyed the fireworks.

(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: abruce@newpittsburghcourier.com or 412.583.6741.)


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