Speak Out…Has the recent rash of shootings in McKeesport affected your life?

There was a rash of shootings in McKeesport last month, six in eight days, so we asked McKeesport residents if it affected them. Here’s what you said:

“It’s disturbing that it has been going on. It has touched home. There has been a lot of senseless killing. It makes no sense for young Black men to be doing this and I am leery about where I go.”
Gidget Jones
Home aide

Gidget Jones, Henry Robinson, Emmett Turner

“It has affected my elderly family members. They’re afraid to go anywhere because of the fear of a stray bullet. Their lives have been put into a cubbyhole because of the violence with young Black men. Too many bad things are happening yet I think that they can be attributed to the lack of programs and outlets within the community.”
Henry Robinson
Volunteer chaplain

“It hasn’t affected me but it has gotten bad and dangerous. I don’t know many in the area but I do think that people need to band together to change what’s happening to the young people and the community.”
Emmett Turner
Youth worker

“It hasn’t affected me because bad stuff doesn’t happen in the part that I live in and I am not personally involved. I have known people who have been shot; they were okay and the shooters haven’t been caught.”
Aaron Kelly

“Yes, it has affected me. I am more reluctant to trust people. I have changed my children’s curfew and monitor where they go. I am trying to get a basketball team together for the youth to have something positive to do.”
Lamont Rosser Sr.

“It has affected me. My child was indirectly involved in a shooting. Three boys randomly shot at our house and next door. I have been keeping up with meetings in the community and have since moved my family out of the area.”
Latoya Smith
Child care

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