I am in love with my brother. I’m Afraid to tell him!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I have a problem. In high school I missed going to my junior and senior prom because there were no boys I wanted to go with. I guess you can assume that I have never found an interest in anyone except my brother. I am adopted and my brother was also adopted. At the time of my adoption I was six months old and my brother was adopted at birth. I always felt something was wrong. Neither one of us ever knew until two years ago while helping my mother discard papers from the attic. Now that explains why I have feelings for my brother.—Jill


Dear Jill:

That explains nothing. When children are adopted as babies, they grow up as sisters and brothers. However, your problem could possibly be better understood if the two of you had been adopted as older children or pre-teens. I do know of a case where an adopted boy and adopted girl fell in love and married. However, they were both brought into the family at an age where boy/girl attraction naturally happens. But for you to be six months and your brother adopted at birth makes this quite awkward. I suggest you keep this to yourself and try hard to erase all feelings that you think you have for your adopted brother. Some girls like excitement and you definitely fall into that zing category. If you cannot control your desires, seek professional help.

Jill, think about it. He is your brother so love him as a brother but nothing more.

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