I wonder. Why do women gossip so much?

Dear Gwendolyn:

I was at a restaurant two weeks ago and there was a lady sitting next to my booth talking on her cell phone. I did not purposely listen, but could not avoid it because she was talking loudly.

The lady was on the phone when I was seated and she was still on the phone when I left which was about 45 minutes later. I don’t know who was on the other end of the call, but I do know the conversation was all gossip. Gwendolyn, it was obvious that someone she knew was on Facebook announcing his engagement.


The lady constantly talked about the person he was engaged to marry. She said that the girl was fat and always had hated her. She said she was going to call the man and tell him he should not marry. He had been separated from his fiance for about 10 to 15 years. She had moved out of the country and they lost contact. According to the lady on the phone, she commented “There is no way he can still be in love with her after not seeing her for years.” She said, “No way! No way at all!”—Amelia

Dear Amelia:

You could not be anymore wrong than that. First of all, true love never dies. Also, people who love and lose are able to move forward with their lives—but that little sparkle lies dominant around the area of the heart. Or, one could say it lies within the walls of the brain making the memory of the person whom they cherished never to be erased.

Now, as to the question of why women gossip, they do so within the confines of their character. I have heard women state it is “a woman’s nature to gossip.” Let me tell you this. Women who gossip are just basically small-minded. So, Amelia, it is not justifiable to believe women gossip out of being-a-woman. Think about it. They gossip out of ignorance.

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