Calso Mitch doesn’t need gangsta rap to make statement

Calso Mitch is a hip-hop artist from the community of Wilkinsburg. He was introduced to hip-hop when he heard Big Daddy Kane and the Wu Tang Clan. He is one of the artists that stands out in a sea of many rappers from Pittsburgh. He chooses to do things his way and his lyrical style commands attention.


Mitch has a huge following in Pittsburgh and plans to take fans on a journey they will never forget. His current CD, presented by SkyZutoh Media, is called “The Real Balloons Mixtape,” which is generating a lot of buzz from the hip-hop community.

“We need to bring lyrics back to hip-hop. The way you live and how you present yourself in your music is real hip-hop. Some people think that you have to get on by selling drugs or shooting someone, but I don’t believe in that at all. I used to sell drugs and get in a lot of trouble, but when I had my kids, I stopped all that and got a lot smarter. I have twin boys and a son that is my junior. I became more mature because I do not want kids hearing me rap about negative things. I had to change up my whole lyrical content,” Mitch said.

Even though his music is on a conscious level, it covers every subject imaginable, except gangsta rap. Diz the Great, who is from Ohio, produces most of the beats on his record while producers Nesia Beatz and Arson, from Pittsburgh, also contribute to the production of his music, but Mitch writes all his music.

“I feel like my music is original and I don’t care what anyone else thinks because I make music for my people. I don’t sound like everyone else. I have heard comparisons to the national artist Nas, which is a great thing. I am a real down to earth person, but I am very cocky when it comes to my music, depending on the song. I will keep it real all the time. The song to be looking for is called “Expensive Taste,” Mitch points out.

“As far as cats trying to get into the game, you just need to be yourself and keep it real. Use your imagination to the best of your ability and do a lot of reading. When you read and watch the world news, it gives you a lot to rap about as well. Everyone should use their imagination to a certain degree, but don’t go overboard with it,” he said.

In the next five years, Mitch plans to be an independent artist. There is a way that you can get paid and still be true to yourself. Getting with a major label is not always the way to go. He loves making music and doing it the way he likes to do it.

If you would like to contact Mitch, he has his own Facebook and Twitter pages. Google him because you do not want to miss out on the next big hip-hop artist from Pittsburgh.

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