More than just hip-hop, he’s an entrepreneur

The mission of Julian “Suave” White is not to just be an entertainer, but an entrepreneur as well and a creative leader in the hip-hop culture.


“I started to get into hip-hop culture when I was about seven years old,” Suave said. “Coming from where I come from and seeing people that have nothing all the time is a drag. I wanted to make something out of my life and become somebody.” Along with being an entrepreneur, Suave is a hip-hop artist who has generating a buzz with mixed tapes and a full CD called “Fresh Air” under the Skylight Entertainment record label.

“As far as hip-hop being a culture, some people just see it as a chance to be seen on television or stunt,” he said. “I see hip-hop culture as being dedicated to a way of life. Everyone is going to try to emulate what they see and a lot of people don’t want to go back to the old school. I have an underground and I also make mixed-tapes. When I make my album, I want everyone to know that I’m coming with real and original music. Creating the mixed tape is going to generate a buzz, but the regular CD is going to define who I am as an artist. I have two mixed tapes out right now with various artists and it’s hot. I try to take people that I see rapping and try to get them off the streets and come do something positive with me. One track on the tape is called “Fear” and that is a song that is geared towards how I feel. I am in this for life. I am an intelligent young man and I could have gone to college, but I want to pursue my music career right now.”

Top Swag Team and Skylight Entertainment were founded by Suave. The mission statement of Top Swag Team and Skylight Entertainment is to embrace creativity and innovation to the fullest. The website covers the hottest music in the streets, both industry and underground.

He is currently working on performing at different shows in the Pittsburgh area so he can generate a good buzz about their music. He produces his own music and sometimes he will get a beat from mainstream music for the mixed tapes.

“I think a lot of the music artists are making is watered down. If you really listen to artists that are out there today, there is no lyrical content or wordplay to the rap. I don’t write a lot of my lyrics. What I’ll do is go into the studio and I’ll record four or five lines that I’ve been thinking of in my head and go from there. I am a punch line rapper so that’s how I get the job done,” he said.

White has a tremendous buzz on the North Side and makes real music instead of hip-hop garbage. When you play his CD, it is a guarantee that it will stand out above the rest. In the next five years, he plans to be in a huge arena with millions of fans enjoying his music.

“I am promoting my music real heavy right now and we just dropped eight CDs at the beginning of the summer. We have a few things that just came out such as “Chronically Tardy,” “Class Clown” and “Splash Bros,” he said.

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