My boyfriend’s father is in love with me!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I have been dating my boyfriend for five years. Each time I mention getting married, he changes the conversation. I must admit that I am growing tired of his seemingly “no interest” in marrying me.

Last year at his family’s reunion gathering, his father told me that for the past two years he has been in love with me. He said, “I thought by now you would have married my son or the two of you would have broken the relationship.” I was rude with him at first, but now I am having second thoughts.


Do you think I should quit my boyfriend and romance and marry his father? I don’t love him. To be frank with you, I feel I no longer love his son. I know the idea seems without morals, but my boy­friend’s father owns his own house and has a car. His father has been a widower for 30 years. His wife was kicked in the head by a horse. My boyfriend is 59 and his father is 92.

Gwendolyn, please tell me your thoughts.—Gladys

Dear Gladys: Let me tell you this: You are thinking as women did back in the ’40s and ’50s, maybe even in the ’60s.

Single women are no longer intrigued about a man’s ownership. Today’s woman buys her own house and car. She chairs the boardroom and is CEO of large corporations. (Read: “The New Passport To Survival” by Rita Bingham and Clair C. Bingham.) Your thinking is obsolete and yes, to consider marrying your boyfriend’s father does lead one to feel you need a better understanding of moral and immoral—a distinction between right and wrong.

Gladys, my advice to you would be to terminate your relationship with your boy­friend. It seems obvious marriage is not a part of his future plans. I also advise you to not begin a courtship with his father. I will consider the age of his father as being 92—-a typographical error.

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