I learned how not to appear to other people!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Two weeks ago, in full view of everyone in the restaurant, I gave a man, who said he was in need, a five dollar bill. Then, across from me at the next table a girl smiled at me and sent me a note with the number 50 on it without any explanation. When I motioned for her to come to my table, she said the number 50 stood for $50 which she was requesting and then she would go out with me. I told her I was not interested and told her to go back to her table. She refused to go and stated that the $50 would include everything and anything I wanted to do.


Gwendolyn, I did a quick think. I have not been intimate with anyone in eight years. This is my dilemma: I got tired of one-night-stands. Therefore, I am going to date her, but first I am going to marry her. What do you think?—Ralph

Dear Ralph:

Marry a stranger? You know nothing about this lady. You need to at least get to know her personality. However, you do know a little about her character. Think about it. If she is willing to go out with you and do “anything” and “everything” you wish, she would become your wife and make the same deal with someone else. Do you think she would change?

Ralph, forget about the marriage and actually forget about taking her out. There are so many scams these days not to mention all the sexually transmitted diseases to take a chance on meeting and marrying a woman of this type.

Let me tell you this: Being alone can be hard at times, but remember, never take a ride on the first train.

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