What do you think of school Superintendent Mark Roosevelt resigning?

Superintendent Mark Roosevelt recently resigned after five years. We asked Pittsburghers what they thought. Here’s what you said:

“Resigning may be one of the most thoughtful actions Roosevelt could have done on behalf of our children. Our Black youth are already at risk in these public schools and when unqualified professionals take the lead they’re in a danger zone. Roosevelt was a danger zone.”
LaKeisha Wolf
Hill District


“Glad he’s leaving. No, he didn’t do a good job. He closed schools, putting kids who don’t get along together.”
Niki New
North Side
Stay-at-home mom

“Question is why did he leave? The agenda was already set, because Thompson set it. They didn’t want Thompson to do it so they brought Roosevelt in to do it and gave him the credit. Did the children get smarter? Are the teachers better? No, I don’t think so.
Thomas Rensom
North Side
Bus driver

“Makes me no difference. He closed too many schools. He did not take the neighborhoods into consideration. You can’t put these kids together. Kids from Homewood don’t get along with kids from East Liberty. I won’t be surprised if young lives are lost.”
Jim Johnson
North Side
Unemployment Comp clerk

“Glad to see him go. No, he didn’t do a good job. Look at our schools, our neighborhoods. Schools are a part of the community’s spirit. There are no kids walking to school. It has basically made our neighborhoods more pathetic.”
Carol Hardeman
Hill District

“It’s good, he should have left before the five years. I don’t think he did a good job. He should have been opening schools instead of closing them. Beltzhoover had Knox­ville, which was remodeled one year and closed the next. Now kids are being bused to overcrowded schools. Black kids are being overlooked.”
Denise Williams

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