‘Torn Between Two Lovers’

Decisions, decisions.

You make three dozen of them every day: get up, or hit the Snooze? Cereal or waffles? This outfit or that one, in which color? Lunch in or out, sandwiches or salad, fix dinner or order take-out, and what’s on TV that’s good?


You make so many decisions each day that you barely notice doing it. But what if you couldn’t decide on the biggest issue of your life? In the new novel, “Torn Between Two Lovers” by Carl Weber, the impossible-to-make choice may rip apart several lives.

Leon Farrow is having problems.

Things between the sheets aren’t as good as they once were and, because he loves his wife Loraine deeply, the situation has driven Leon to therapy. He fought hard to get Loraine back when she was seeing that guy, Michael, and because she gave that fool up, Leon wants things to be perfect again.

Loraine Farrow tries not to be frustrated, but with Leon’s little malfunction in the bedroom, staying supportive is difficult. When she promised to stop seeing Michael, she committed to being with her husband for better or for worse—and things under the covers couldn’t be worse. Loraine loves Leon, but she realizes that she loves Michael, too. Is that so wrong?

When a man follows a woman around obsessively, that’s not really stalking, is it? Michael is sure it’s not, but it doesn’t matter. Ever since Loraine broke up with him to go back to her husband, Michael has done everything he can think of to convince her that she still wants him. Loraine keeps telling him to move on and forget her, and maybe it’s time—maybe, until she sends a provocative picture to Michael’s cell phone.

Though Jerome misses Loraine in his life—they were best friends forever, until he was stupid—now he’s got other things on his mind: Big Poppa, Jerome’s long-time lover, refuses to give up his wife, even though he says he loves Jerome more. And that may be, but Jerome isn’t going to wait any longer. A chance encounter put him back in touch with an old love, and Jerome thinks he and Ron can be happy elsewhere.

If only that stalker would just leave them alone…

I have two words for this book: Dee. Lightful.

With his usual plot twists, story surprises, and novelistic arcs that bring familiar characters back around, author Carl Weber once again gives his readers a book that’s sexy, scandalous, and sinfully irresistible. Weber likes to lull us into believing that we know what’s coming, then proving that we never knew a thing.

Because this may be the last novel featuring Jerome and Loraine (Weber indicates that he’s moving his next story back to Queens), this book puts nice closure on the drama they’ve spun. Fans will be pleased, that’s for sure.

(“Torn Between Two Lovers” by Carl Weber, c.2010, Dafina Books, $20/$24.45 Canada, 199 pages, includes teaser.)

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