:10 I know we’ve all seen it a hundred times and I know everyone has their own list. You got Rocky, Slapshot, The Natural, Bingo Long and the Traveling All-Stars and now Blindside. But I tell you what, you’ll have a hard time not making “Remember the Titans” the No. 1 sports movie of all time. Denzel Washington at his best, the true life history of the story, the music and the on the field action…It’s hard to beat.


:9 And call they did! Some of you, no—a lot of you—called in to get me told about my “Top Ten Best Jumpers Ever” list.

Here’s an update.

“Neal, How you gonna have a top 10 without Jim McCoy? There’s a reason they called him “Jumpin’ Jim” McCoy!”

•Tyrone “Moon” Howard…Duh!

•Darrin “Skywalker” WaIls…YA think!

•Myron “Air” Walker…The Quips Finest!

I added them—you place them. Thanks for the calls.

:8 So herrrreee we go!! Sorry Frank Foster, but you’re gonna love this:

Top 10 Guards of All Time

1. Ricky “Black Magic” Coleman

2. Robert “Jeep” Kelly

3. B.B. Flenory

4. Hosea Champaine

5. Ron Carter

6. Myron Brown

7. Bobby Byrd

8. Dwight “The Iceman” Clay

9. Len “Houdini” Johnson

10. Norm Van Lier

:7 Please Shut Up! You Do Gooders who don’t want to be touched when you go to the airport. They could strip me naked. I could care less as long as the plane don’t blow up. Please pat me down, rub me down, tickle me silly…I don’t care!!!

:6 Get used to it boys. The top dog said you’re going to change how you tackle…And you’re going to change how you tackle or go broke. Period…End of conversation. After all, the league is only trying to keep you out of a wheelchair. If you need help on how to change your style without using your helmet, I have two names for ya…Jack Ham & Ray Lewis!!

:5 How is it a quarterback throws a pass to a receiver on the 10 yard line, the receiver runs 90 yards for a touchdown and the quarterback gets credit for a 90-yard touchdown pass?

:4 The Pens are on the move and “Sid the Kid” is back. (That’s all I can tell you. Everybody out there knows I don’t know anything about hockey!)

:3 Yeah, like the Yankees weren’t going to sign Derek Jeter…Mr. Steinbrenner would rise-up from his grave!

:2 Auburn beat up on S. Carolina thanks to the machine known as Cameron “Cam” Newton. 6’5” about 240 pounds of arm, muscle and speed, and a very humble young man. But trust me when I tell you if he was “Joe Blow” at Does Not Matter University he would have been thrown off the team and his dad barred from everywhere for trying to hustle up the money on the down low!!

:1 Last call comin’ at ya. The 35th Willie Stargell Memorial MVP Awards Banquet, Sunday, December 12th, at the magnificent DiImperios four-star restaurant in Monroeville, 6:30 p.m. cocktail reception, 7:30 p.m. dinner and 8:00 p.m. awards program honoring 4-time Super Bowl Champion Franco Harris, New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Champion Darnell Dinkins, Kevin Cameron, Tika Hemingway, Sheldon Ingram, Gloria & Russell Bynum, Sam Clancey, Bruce Atkins, Paul Seneca, Shayla Scott, Gilbert Brown, Beverly Walker, Bill Viola, Chaz Kellem, Kevin Davis, Joyce Ellis and others. Featuring special guests- Rod Rutherford, BB Flenory, Myron Brown, Armon Gilliam, Duane Woodruff, Jennifer Bruce, Karen Hall, very special guest Demetrius lvory from WTAE-TV…and of course the fabulous Diamond Models.

Game over!

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