Speak Out: Should there be a national search for new Pgh school superintendent?

Several activist groups have called for a national search for the replacement of Pittsburgh School Superintendent Mark Roosevelt. So we asked Pittsburghers what they thought and this is what you said:


“It doesn’t matter where they go, as long as they get a person who’s an educational person and not business person. Our children can’t read and write. They’ve turned the school system all the way around, sending them from one side of the city to the other to go to school and they still can’t read. They need somebody who’s an educational.”
Diane Malirey
Hill District
Retired Drug & ­Alcohol Counselor

“It should be someone who is home grown, who’s come up through the school system here. Who understands the people, the condition of the community and the condition of the test scores. I don’t think they should go out of the area to find someone and pay them extra money for something and they have no idea what they’re walking into.”
GeAnita Smith
Hill District

“Not Sure. I think they should bring in someone who is central to try to improve what goes in and comes out of the schools.”
Glen Johnson
Old Germantown

“No. I think they should look for someone from the area, who knows and understands the people of the area.”
Darche Rolon
West End

“No. I think they should at least give the people who live inside the city the opportunity first than looking outside.”
Jasmine David
Hill District

“No, why not stay in the area. They always go outside of the area to recruit for jobs. Why not stay within the city limits. There are people here who can fulfill that position.”
Karen Maxshure
South Side

(Compiled by Gail Manker, Photos by Gail Manker.)

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