Local hip-hop artist Young Brocc turns life around through his music

Alvin “Young Brocc” Briskey became interested in the hip-hop culture and knew he wanted to become a hip-hop artist in 2005. In his early years, he was in jail but decided to turn his life around and get on the right track. He was not into playing cards or video games, but he was very interested in poetry, reading and writing. He turned his poetry and life experiences into songs. He is an artist that has his own unique sound.

YOUNG BROCC (Photo by Ashley G. Woodson)

“Everybody now-a-days is trying to sound like someone else verses back in the day everyone had their own independent style. Everyone was spitting punch lines but now everyone doesn’t do it that way. Everyone is rapping about things they are not living and if they are living what they are talking about, it is only to a certain extent. Some people rap about what they would like to have and there is nothing wrong with that because you are setting a goal for yourself. Some rappers are in the game just to hear themselves talk, but they’re not talking about anything. You should rap about things that are really going on and that others can relate to, not just one individual. I am a versatile artist, but my music is also mainstream hip-hop music. I can rap about anything and it will still sound great,” said Young Brocc.

He says he is in the hip-hop game for as long as it takes and his main goal is to live his life and put out songs that pertain to his life. He writes his own lyrics and presses his own buttons, which means he produces his own music, too.

“I’m working out of the basement right now. I have collaborated with Izzo, Yung Flame and I’m about to get on a track with Shooter Rich and Young Woozy. I’m working on my Volume II as we speak, but I do have a Volume I out right now. It is under-underground and it is ‘Young Brocc Undiscoverd Talent, Vol I’ and ‘Versality’ will be Volume II because I’m harmonizing a little bit and I’m singing on my hooks.”

When it comes to national artist Young Brocc likes hip-hop artist Drake because he can get on almost any song and make things happen. He also likes Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj because she is dope as well.

“I don’t care what others think about me because you will always have those people who will try to pull you back down,” Young Brocc said. “I think Pittsburgh has potential but we lack unity. I have love for everyone whether you’re from the North, South, East or West Side of town. There should be more city-wide mix tape with individuals on it from every part of the city. It shouldn’t be a thing where it’s just the Hill District mix tape or the North Side mix tape, but everyone should be on one mix tape at the same time. That way, different mindsets and ideas are coming together for the good of everyone and it will standout for the city of Pittsburgh.

“I want people to be able to relate to my music. I’m different from other artist. Nothing was done for me. It’s hard when you are in the game by yourself. If there is somebody who wants to invest in you, then you should go for it.

“I’ve had a rough life. Since 11 years old I’ve been locked up and I grew up with no father and my mother was sick. Nothing was able to be done for me since I was 13 years of age. I’ve been on my own and I’ve been locked up year after year until I decided to turn my life around. Since I’ve missed on so much growing up, I feel like I’ve missed my childhood to a certain point. Right now, I plan on being a better man than my father was for me and taking the hip-hop world to the next level through my music.”

You can reach Young Brocc at Faceboook and ­MySpace.com via Alvin “Young Brocc” Briskey.


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