Teen girls dizzy over Mindless Behavior

Reminiscent of boy groups Kris Kross, the Jackson 5 and B2K, the four spirited teenagers of the musical phenomenon Mindless Behavior are on a mission to become forever etched into the hearts, minds and CD collections of young girls throughout the world.

And the group plans on doing that by one screaming and crying fan at a time.


Mindless Behavior is a group of four 13-year-old boys—Prodigy, Ray Ray, Roc Royal and Princeton—that easily blend together epic dance moves, far-reaching pop songs and futuristic fashion and style.

“We’ve always looked up to Michael Jackson because he had compassion and a great work ethic and his dance moves were exceptional,” said singer Ray Ray, who grew up under the tutelage of famed Los Angeles battle dancer Tommy The Clown. “You need a great work ethic to make it in this business.”

Mindless Behavior showcased its undeniable talent as part of the Justin Bieber Tour along with Sean Kingston at the Console Energy Center Dec. 13.

“We are excited about touring with Justin Bieber and coming to Pittsburgh because we’ve never been there. We can’t wait to make more fans,” said group member Princeton who got his start in the entertainment business at the age of four appearing in television commercials for Nike, McDonalds and Sketchers in addition to several music videos. “We love our fans because they love our music and they give us a lot of energy.”

Mindless Behavior chose its unique name to represent a movement toward embracing your own individuality.

“If you’re confident and not afraid to stand out, you’re mindless, if you express yourself your mindless,” explained Prodigy who earned his moniker because of his quick ability to master music and dance.

Mindless Behavior’s new album, “My Girl” was released to critical acclaim at the end of August.

The album’s first single, “My Girl,” is a bubbling, infectious track produced by Walter Milsap.

“The song is about how much our girl loves us—she texts all the time, sending us a 1-4-3,” said Princeton.

Other gems on the album include the energetic “Ms. Right” and the piano-soaked ballad, “Future,” and “1st Crush.”

Roc Royal, who got his start performing at school talent shows and honed his entertainment skills by performing with dance crews, believed the reason the groups’ music is resonating with listeners is because “We’re all looking for Mr. or Ms. Right.”

Although they are barely teenagers, the group is confident that their music appeals to all who listen to it.

The group has some very sage advice for teens who would like to follow in the footsteps of Mindless Behavior.

“You have to have a great work ethic and have a passion for what you want to do,” the group said.

When Mindless Behavior isn’t on stage making young women swoon, they are watching television and going to the mall.

They hope to get involved in other aspects of the entertainment business including producing, fashion designing and modeling.


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