(A Special Christmas Ten & Out)

All I want for Christmas is…

:10 A No. 1 ranked Steelers defense that can actually stop somebody…C’mon man!!

:09 For the people that said “Vick” would die or better yet—wanted him to die, to line up and take their turn jumping off Santa’s sled while a mile high in the sky!


:08 To understand why “They” spent $500 million on a new stadium and now they’re going to play hockey outside…huh?!

:07 For everyone to give Mike Haywood, the new Pitt football coach a chance. Trust me—none of you, including me, had a clue as to who Mike Tomlin or Ben Howland were before they made their run.

:06 A Black man or woman, other than Edmund Nelson, on a W. Pa. sports talk show!!!

:05 The Celtics to win the East…Please fellas, make me look good!

:04 For “Meatball” and Roland Slade to give me the Connie Hawkins League Championship trophy they stole from me when they talked me into letting Leroy Lewis (a Hill boy) keep the clock.

You say shut-up Bill Neal? Then you tell me how they rebound the ball at my hoop with seven seconds on the clock, pass the ball 10 times and the last guy to get the ball is big…and I mean “Big Mike” McCombs?

Yeah Big Mike was a great player and will make my Top 10 Big Man List (but he ain’t the fastest player ever) and at the half court no less.

He drives to the hoop and scores. All that in seven seconds…C’mon Man!!!

Oh did I mention that “Ball” and Slade played a hand of poker in the same amount of time Leroy let the clock run? The score 81-80 “Cosmic Echoes” win. The real score 80-79 “the Dons” win. You all saw it, all 2,000 of you that were at East Hills Park that night.

:03 An NBA team in Pittsburgh. Is it just me or do we get every other team known to sports in this city but NBA basketball? Cleveland & Jersey can do big time hoops, but we can’t…C’mon man!!! Unless somebody or…some groups of somebodys don’t want an NBA team here because????…(I am just saying).

:02 Some public official in Pittsburgh or Allegheny County to say thank you to the Champions Association for 35 years of dedicated public service, not to Bill Neal, but to the Champions!

Consider this:

•35 consecutive years, 25 programs a year

•Nationally recognized Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League

•Nationally recognized Kenny Durrett High School All-Star Basketball Classic

•Five state-recognized programs

•The state’s first “Midnight to 6 a.m.” basketball camp

•17 W. Pa., Pittsburgh and Allegheny County programs

•Three radio sports shows, two TV sports shows

•Average 25,000 annually served

•Average 10,000 youth annually served

• Thousands of youth kept off the streets every year for 35 years…C’mon man!!!

:01 Halle Berry…You knew that was coming.

Game Over—Merry Christmas!!!

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