Honorable Bill Robinson’s six tier birthday

On Feb. 5 I attended a breakfast in Bill Robinson’s honor. It was held at One Hope Center and it just happened to coincide with his birthday. After being made aware of it being his birthday it came to my attention that I should make the public aware of his history of achievements, and do it in the form of a cake.

The first tier was in preparation, graduating from Schenley High School and then Ohio State University and more important his parents instilling in him a sense of commitment.


The second tier was getting elected to Pittsburgh City Council where he was an outstanding councilman, articulate, well prepared and always concerned about his council district.

Third tier: he moved up the political ladder as he was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for seven terms (14 years). He was defeated when he challenged the fact that two stadiums were being built and question the non-existence of Black contractors, he issued a report card and the Democratic Party received failing grades. How dare Bill Robinson?

Fourth tier: Bill has always had a deep and abiding love and concern about the educational process and its relationship with the young people and particularly Black students. He was appointed to the Allegheny County Community College Board and has been a faithful and active member.

Fifth tier: Bill runs for Allegheny County Council for the seat vacated by Rev. James Simms, and he was successful and currently occupies the powerful position of budget chairman.

Sixth tier: in this year 2011, Bill was elected chairman of Allegheny County Community Board of Directors, prestigious, important, influential and history making, because he is the first Black American to hold that position.

I congratulate Bill Robinson, who epitomizes what a Black man can accomplish when afforded the opportunity in spite of man made roadblocks.

Happy birthday, Bill!

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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