Liar, liar, souls on fire

I am going to begin this communiqué with a hypothetical question. Would you, I or anyone else who was slightly less than 10 minutes shy of being forcefully escorted to the “esteemed” Western Psychiatric Institute in Pittsburgh for “restoration,” accept employment based on putting in eight hours or better daily just to be informed that any invention or concept that was personally developed would remain the property of the employer, forever? However, your boss and his cronies, being of a “benevolent” nature, poke out their chests and inform the world that hey; at least we will pay your rent, and provide three “squares” a day. Well, from what I can discern, if most working stiffs were faced with such a choice, we probably would not have to fret about traffic jams on any freeway, any morning, anywhere.


We have such a “corporation” in our midst, making mad, mad, money and are paying few taxes. And get this; this corporation gets most of its labor for free. This “entity” is none other than the NCAA, (if you don’t know the meaning, look it up), who’s catchphrase is “what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine and what’s ours is mine.”

They practice a new form of economic servitude that is not only endured by African-Americans but by many Americans. It is a system that has been firmly cemented in place for decades. This system of “policing” athletes and schools is fueled and driven by years of perverted and insidious rules of entitlement. Take the case of Ohio State star quarterback, Terrelle Pryor. The university that he performs for can sell any likeness of him and the institution is not obligated to give him one red cent from the proceeds. Now hear this. He and four teammates have been “suspended without pay’’ (just kidding) by the NCAA for the first five games of next season for supposedly selling championship rings, jerseys and awards. They also allegedly received improper benefits from the tattoo parlor over two years. The NCAA said all of the “accused” athletes may still play in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 4, 2011. Well, well, well, you can play in the BCS Bowl game meaning; you are going to be suspended but not before we get ours.

The NCAA has no right to dictate what personal property an athlete may sell to help subsidize their meager existence. If the NCAA continues not to compensate performers, athletes should be permitted to sell, jewelry, jockstraps, awards, autographs, sweaty underwear or whatever they can generate income from. All should be fair in love or war, well in this case, war in the love of money. With relentless pressure, former Heisman winner Reggie Bush had to “return” his award but in the NFL, where; sex, lies and “videotapes” are the “green grocers” tip for the day, all is well at “Loot University.” They all but tried to snatch the 2010 Heisman from Cam Newton at Auburn because his father allegedly tried to get paid. How much loot do you suppose Newton’s agent is going to rake in when he signs the young man up to play on Sundays?

If the NCAA was about the education and the purity of collegiate sports, then why do certain walk-ons have to prove themselves before they are rewarded with a scholarship? Any student-athlete who makes the team should be awarded a “scholarship” if that is what it is truly about but no; schools are only permitted to award a certain amount of scholarships per year, so why would a free pass be given to an athlete that will not put people in the stands and hot dogs in their mouths. The NCAA is telling America “straight with no chaser” that schools may issue “limited” scholarships for our sons’ or daughters’ to play for them but if they are not good enough the parents have to pay their tuition while the kids still play for free. How many parents of young White athletes are proud that their son or daughter just made the team? However, these same middle class parents remain obligated to scrounge around in order to find grants and/or loans just to finance the education of their children. Are you getting this, US of A?

Turn off your radios and television sets and revolt America; red, black, white, blue, yellow and green. Turn “March madness” into “March sadness,” at least for the poisoned coffers of the NCAA. This corrupt and crafty organization has at times been called the “silver lining” for the dreams of young America but the only thing they are doing with the silver “notes” they are collecting is lining their own bottomless pockets. Athletics, at least for a certain percentage of the population is supposed to represent the light at the end of the tunnel, you know, a way out. But these perverted purveyors of flesh have found a way in but along the road of greed to tie and bind young student-athletes to the “whipping post of public opinion” as a smokescreen to cover their blood stained tracks.

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