Where is our Black male leadership?

Dear Editor:

What has and is happening to the leadership and take charge Black men?

I remember growing up, my Dad and the men in his generation took the lead, worked, were effective leaders in their communities, took the stress and strain off their wives and were instrumental in the rearing and discipline of their children.

Now, all I see are women in the lead. The CEO of the Urban League is a woman, the president of the Pittsburgh NAACP is a woman, and now the superintendent of Pittsburgh Public Schools is a woman. Is this really the way Black men want it?

When I grew up my Daddy was the leader, breadwinner and source of strength.

Maybe I learned it the old fashioned way (of which I am not ashamed), but the roles of men and women have changed too drastically for me.

For me, strong minded, working, take charge Black male leadership is what the Black race so badly needs.

Janet Louise Martin
East Liberty

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