I met a man and I want him!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Two months ago I met a man while putting some items in a charity drop box. He smiled at me and something went throughout my body like lightning. This is the problem: He is unemployed and when questioned, he seems to have no past. My mother and aunt told me not to take up a friendship with him. But Gwendolyn, I do believe I am in love.

I desperately need your advice. Every day I find myself going to that drop box just to see him. I would like to go there and bring him home with me, but do you think I should? I live in a duplex that is owned by my parents. I have six children and my parents do not charge me rent. To this point in my life I have met so many men and each left me with a baby. I believe this man could be the one for me, although, he seems to have no past life. What should I do? I am in love.—Geraldine


Dear Geraldine:

Let me tell you this: No human being was born and overnight became an adult. Everyone has a past life—some type of life. Some men spend years in prison for crimes they did not commit. Some men were placed in foster homes where they were abused and grew up in misery, but still that memory is their past.

You asked for my advice and this is it: Do not allow your physical feelings to cloud your thinking. Tell him to go to the nearest church and seek help not just with immediate finance, but with a place to stay and a job training program to enter. Geraldine, with six children you don’t have enough going for you to take in a stray. Think of their safety. And, most of all, appreciate your parents’ assistance allowing you to live rent-free. They are helping you because of their grandchildren, but not for you to take in a man.

Think about it. Too many women have taken in a man for happiness, but all they got—was death.

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