What is your response to Patrice King Brown retiring from KDKA-TV?

Long time Pittsburgh anchor Patrice King Brown recently retired from her post at KDKA-TV so we asked Pittsburghers how they felt about her leaving, and who they thought should replace her and this is what you said:

“I am sad and happy because I have enjoyed watching her. I am not originally from Pittsburgh but I remember seeing her when I came in 1973. She is a part of Pittsburgh and will be greatly missed. I do not know who should replace her.”
Gail Ford


“I am sorry to see her go. She was a sophisticated addition to the newscast. She has given KDKA a good name since she has been there. I wish her the best for her future. They (KDKA) should replace her with another African-American.”
Stephanie Clark
Penn Hills
Allegheny County Employee

“She has been on KDKA for years and her retirement was not expected. It was time for her to go. She was at the top of her game. She opened a lot of doors for her Black women journalists. I do not know who should replace her.”
Nicole Parker
West View
Customer Service

“I am a little saddened. She was one of my favorite reporters. I am glad she had the opportunity to have that position. I hope they replace her with another African-American. I wish her the best.”
Bill Ford
Penn Hills

“It is a significant loss to the station as a whole. I have watched her since the 70’s. She was one of the first Black women reporters that I saw on television. I am not sure who should replace her.”
Sean Jones
Safety Manager

“I was not fully aware of the significance that Patrice King Brown had upon the city but think that she is leaving a legacy that will not be soon forgotten. Her work in Pittsburgh has touched many and I hope that KDKA will continue to provide opportunities for other African-Americans to share their voice throughout the community by way of the station.”
Menes Nowe
Forest Hills
Computer Tech

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