Speak Out: Will marches and protests in Wisconsin spread to Pa?

The newly elected Republican governor of Wisconsin wants to eliminate or limit union wages in government jobs, which includes teachers. There have been mass protests as a result. Pennsylvania has a new GOP governor who thinks the same. So we asked Pittsburghers what they thought and this is what you said:


“I think it will happen because I think any time someone’s employment and livelihood is attacked, they will retaliate against that.”
Sandor Turner

“I don’t think that it is going to happen in Pa. I think that we all should trust our government and they are going to do the best that they can. And I am fully confident that the citizens of this state will take things and act a upon them as necessary, if it does happen in this state.”
Larry Hailsham

“I do not think people will march because I don’t think people will come together as a whole to make things better, because we don’t come together as a people, community or a state. No we won’t be marching or protesting.”
Raquel Howze
North Side
Retail Clerk

“In the rate that things are going now I can’t see why it wouldn’t happen here. They are already taking so much from people and the community and I can’t see getting too many people who would stand together and do much of anything here in Pittsburgh.”
Alishia Knight
Hill District

“I can’t say it would spread into Pennsylvania. However, if they want to slash then they need to start with their own pay ‘cause they don’t be thinking about the people or what they need money for and should not be giving themselves raises.”
Andy Naylor

“I believe that if their budget cuts worked there then it will happen here and Pennsylvania will go down the hill just like they will, and the only thing you will have is people going into debt and looking for alternative options and different places to live. And it will cause an uproar just like Wisconsin.”
Charles Brown

(Compiled by J.L. Martello. Photos by J.L. Martello.)

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