My mother resents my fiancée!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Two years ago I was homeless due to drug addiction. I was begging on the street and a woman drove up and dropped a one hundred dollar bill into my tin can. Then, she asked me if I needed a place to stay and I said yes.

Well, that weekend I moved in. First, she had me in her overhead garage apartment, from there to her upstairs room and now into her bedroom. Gwendolyn, I am madly in love with this woman.


However, my mother resents her. You see…she is six years older than my mother. How can I tell my mother to stay out of my business? I intend to marry this woman.

She has her own house, own car own furniture. Opportunities don’t come by often and I intend to take this. My mother is 65 and as I stated she is six years older than mom. I am 24. What do you think?—Benjamin

Dear Benjamin:

I think you are out of your mind…really. You do not love this woman. You are in love with what she can do for you. Let me tell you this. There is old money and there is new money.

Man, you are playing around with old money. This money (her money) is ready to be sent to the Federal Bank where they burn old money.

If this lady has so much going for her, she wouldn’t be on what is considered skid row looking for a man—or I should say looking for a child.

In cases such as this, too often a man discovers that he cannot refuse the physical desires of younger women. Think about it now. This is when he discovers that this old woman has her own house, her own car, her own furniture—and get this: her own gun.

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