CAPA grad’s new CD offers Godly fare

Positivity and a faith-based message are just a few things that gospel singer Travis Malloy wants to touch on with his music.

“I can’t force Christ on everyone, but I hope that listeners are encouraged to hold on and not give up,” said Malloy, 23. “We need that kind of message to make the world a better place.”

FIRST RELEASE—Travis Malloy with his background dancers for his set during the Sweet Inspiration Gospel Music Showcase at the August Wilson Center. (Photos by Malik Vincent)

That’s the message he has stood on throughout his whole musical career, which started after graduating from CAPA High School in 2006. The industrious teenager started a quintet called Nu Prayz and then branched out as a solo artist about five years later. He released his debut album, “Lift Him Up” in 2009.

“After graduating from CAPA, God took me to church conventions and I started singing and promoting my name and my album so that I could promote Jesus. When you’re at CAPA, it inspires you to want to become something big in life,” said Malloy who splits his time between Pittsburgh and New York City.

The prolific singer is well on his way to becoming a top-seeded gospel artist.

While he was promoting “Lift Him Up,” Malloy caught the attention of R. Lanier Entertainment executives Ronald and Tasha Ranier. The duo were so impressed with Malloy’s talent that they introduced him to Cory Rooney, the former vice president of Sony Music and current executive producer of Cory Rooney Entertainment.

Rooney has written and produced music for secular artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s Child and Mary J. Blige. Malloy signed on as the label’s first gospel artist last May.

“I’m here to put my city on the map. I want to give back verbally and financially to the city and the people who helped me. I want to encourage youth that they don’t have to give up,” Malloy said.

“Travis has the voice and the anointing of God to capture and touch lives everywhere,” Rooney posted on Malloy’s web site.

Malloy will be releasing his second album—his Rooney Entertainment debut—in the fall.

“I’m in the studio, working hard on finishing the album and trying to decide what will be the first single. We’re planning on hitting the markets this summer,” Malloy said.

Although he is young, Malloy draws on years of experience to create the beautiful, soul-stirring music that he sings.

While most young boys were listening to rap and hip-hop music with their friends, Malloy enjoyed the sounds of uplifting gospel music.

Malloy’s love for gospel music came from his mother who schooled her son with songs by Tremaine Hawkins and Vanessa Bell-Armstrong.

“Gospel has always been my passion. I used to take R & B songs and turn them gospel by putting more positive lyrics into them. I was bringing the church to the street,” he said.

Long time friend and former band mate Malik Vincent believes Malloy’s unique perspective, amazing voice and charismatic personality will take him far in the gospel music world and beyond.

“He’s very passionate about all of his endeavors. He has a glow about him and you can feel his talent,” Vincent said. “He’s grown into a man now and he is an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word.”

His yet-to-be titled, album will include a duet with Malloy’s mentor, gospel giant John P. Kee.

“John P. Kee is my biggest gospel inspiration because he has an old school feel, his vocal approach floored me and his music has empowered and influenced me. For John P. Kee to be featured on my next album, that’s too much to fathom. It’s amazing that he is going to sing with me on a song that I wrote. He is a man of God,” Malloy said.

Malloy has common sense advice for aspiring gospel artists.

“Stay focused, keep God first and let him lead and direct you because the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,” he said.

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