I’m giving my sister one last chance!

(NNPA)–Dear Gwendolyn:

I know that going to church is different now-a-days. When I was growing up, my mother would dress us in new clothing down to our shoes for Easter Sunday.

This is the problem: My mother and I purchased clothing for my sister’s children. We wanted them to look cute for church Easter Sunday. I spent $135 dollars and my mother spent $200. We really couldn’t afford to do so, but we wanted our little darlings to look good and not feel ashamed. When we went to their house to carry them to church, my sister had not dressed them. Why? She had sold their new clothes to buy drugs. Therefore, we did not take them to church. I told my mother we will give her one more chance to do right—just one more.—Betty


Dear Betty:

Why one more chance? Regardless of how many times your sister will destroy, she will feel that because she is your sister you will give her ‘one more chance.’ She is right now planning to throw another “pity party” but don’t allow that to happen.

Let me tell you this: Yes, it is indeed the sign of the times. People are going to church dressed in whatever they have—even on Easter Sunday. Teach your sister’s children to be proud, but you can’t because you are still back in the day with your thoughts.

Betty, think about it. You and your mother were wrong for not taking the children to church. Most successful adults were children who learned to accept—disappointments.

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