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(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Six months ago, I met a girl who was having a hard time. She told me that she was trying to complete her college education and needed a roommate.

At the time, I was living in my parents’ basement. They had renovated it and gave me my privacy. I should have stayed there. But, I met this girl and wanted to help her.


So, I moved in with her and now my life is a nightmare. What can I do? Last week, she went to the mall and didn’t come in until the next morning after the sun was up. Her three year old had a high fever and when she came home drunk, I had to take him to the hospital.

When it was time to pay the rent, she didn’t pay her portion. I had to take the money from my savings account.—Alice

Dear Alice:

Go back to your parents’ basement. Stop listening to sad stories. People misuse nice people like you—and they don’t care. Explain to her that your parents need you. I say this because so many times roommates become violent even to the point of committing murder.

Let me tell you this: You really need to change your heart. I recently had a long conversation with my daughter informing her to watch her kindness. I do not become taken in by sad, ‘down on my luck’ stories.

Well, not anymore. It is not wise for a single woman with no children to move in with a woman with children. Think about it. She knows you will not let those little darlings be cold, so you pay the heat; you will not let those little darlings go hungry so you buy the food; and babysitting—I won’t even go there!

Alice, single life being alone and single life with children is—a different life.

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