Tired of people saying, ‘you’re wrong.’

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

My mother has been dead now for over 20 years. Before her death her grandchildren didn’t come to give her as little as a glass of water.

I decided the moment they laid her into the grave that I would break all ties with the grandchildren. However, now people are coming to me explaining that it has been too long to hold a grudge.

I am not holding a grudge, but I just don’t want to have those same people grin and smile. I fear they would treat me the same.—Margaret


Dear Margaret:

I agree with you. People need to stop trying to tell those who have done nothing wrong “they are wrong.” You state that you fear those same grandchildren would do you the same. No Margaret. They would do you worse.

If you have children, teach them to love and respect the elderly even if the elderly are not family.

Let me tell you this: You will never forget your mother. However, to think about the horrible incident that happened will always hurt.

So, Margaret, try hard to think about her ordeal less and less. Instead, each time you think of her just close your eyes and realize—she is around and will never mentally leave you.

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