My boyfriend ruined my credit!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Two years ago I met a man who appeared to be “Mr. Right.” He was handsome, tall and had the perfect body build for a man. After dating for two weeks, he moved in. You see…things were going good for me. I had received housing assistance and later accepted a job at a fast food restaurant. My rent increased a bit, but that is expected when the government is helping you to survive this high cost world of living.

This is the problem: Immediately after moving in, his car broke. I let him use my credit card to get it fixed. Besides repairing the car, he purchased (with my card) a set of new tires with new type of silver rims. He also purchased new upholstery and had the car painted. All of this came to over $7,000.


Each month I struggled to pay the amount due, but eventually I lost my credit card. After losing the card, he left and started living with a lady two blocks down the street from my apartment. Every time I see them, I break out crying. It hurts so badly. Gwendolyn, he used me.—April

Dear April:

I know your heart is hurting, but soon please stop the crying. He was not worth it. Let me tell you this: In giving your explanation of “Mr. Right,” you stated he was handsome, tall, and had a perfect body build for a man. Girl, are you crazy—or what? You made the mistake so many women make. What about letting “Mr. Right” be intelligent, educated, and have positive goals in life. When we make silly views of a man, we fail. Don’t feel badly. You are not alone.

April, don’t put the blame on your boyfriend. You used yourself. Also, you misused your assistance. The reduced housing assistance was created for mothers and their children and not mothers—and their men.

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