I bought my husband an Alay Toy!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I have been married for 10 years and we have eight children. I love my husband and don’t want to lose him.

Last summer my siblings and I sold some family property left to us by our grandparents.

With my portion of the funds, I purchased a brand new shiny red convertible for my husband. Now, people are calling me a fool because he has been seen riding other women.


Gwendolyn, what people don’t know is that I purchased the car with the thought if I can keep my husband busy, then he won’t think of leaving me.

After all, he didn’t want a van so that we could all ride. I had no choice except to please him. I have eight children and no one else will want me.—Jeanette

Dear Jeantte:

Be proud of being a mother of eight. As for allowing him the privilege of riding women and not you is bad—really bad. There is a thing of having low self-esteem, but you top them all.

With the purchase of a van the children can be taken to school and to their school activities.

You need to be saving money for their education. Knowledge is the key to success.

I strongly suggest you return the car and purchase a van. Let me tell you this: When that bright shiny red convertible gets old, in need of repairs, flat tires—he will leave.

Take back your car and let your husband ride his women by whatever means necessary—on a donkey if need be.

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